Transportation is one of the main activities offered by HAPP Logistics. Most destinations are located in the Western European countries, but we can also deliver to any European country.


  • Domestic and international road transportation
  • Full Truck Load
    Size does not matter – we provide you the optimum means of transportation
  • Less Than Truck Load – we deliver partial consignment and perform collective shipment
    Is your cargo less than a full truck load? Do you want to have small packages, a few pallets, less than truck loads transported on road and the delivery is not urgent? Collective shipment is there for you to save cost.
  • Express delivery
    Express delivery means your cargo is delivered within 8 hours after confirmation of order in case of domestic transport, and within 16 hours in case of international transport.
  • Refrigerated transport services
    In addition to conventional transports, we undertake to deliver cooled, frozen, temperature-sensitive goods, food, or other products that require hard sidewalls in the whole country.
    Our trucks with insulated bodies goods can be kept cool and transported safely as low as at -20°C, or can protect your frost-sensitive goods from freezing at ambient temperatures below 0°C. All vehicles are equipped with temperature register, so the load compartment temperature can be checked during transportation.
  • High-value goods
    We gained plenty of experience and know customers requirements in delivering high-value goods over several years. Our body trucks are equipped with special route trackers and alarm system, and two drivers are provided if high security or short delivery time is required. Please contact us on special freight insurance terms and conditions, we will call you back!
  • Waste transportation
    We deliver freights with EWC code, from recycled paper to plastics or other wastes. Please ask for a special offer!

Vehicle fleet

Besides their perfect technical condition and appearance, our vehicles must adopt themselves to the high standards of the goods being delivered. Environmental considerations in transportation are also given top priority.

As we are developing our fleet continuously, are aiming at reducing pollution and noise emission in line with EU requirements. Vehicle purchases over recent years demonstrate our commitment to environmentalism. Thanks to developments, we managed to improve customer satisfaction through improved service accuracy.

The average age of our fleet of more than 60 vehicles is less than 2 years. Our trucks are equipped with GPS, which enables to monitor trucks en route to their destination continuously.

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